Taipei Game Show 2019 Lineup Released

Taipei Game Show 2019 (TGS) is heading into its 17th year, and the exhibition is scheduled to raise the curtain in January 2019 at Taipei World Trade Center Halls 1 and 3. Event organizer, Taipei Computer Association, just announced the theme “You Game It!”, which emphasizes the idea that video games are not confined to your television, computer, phone screen, or other virtual worlds. Everyone can transform into game characters, persevere and move forward into the next chapter of your life, and write your own story for the world to see. TGS2019 will have 3 main areas: B2C Zone (1/25-28), B2B Zone (1/24-25), and Asia Pacific Game Summit (1/24-25), which will be expected to draw 350,000 attendees, setting a new record in terms of overall exhibition scale.

Spotlight 1—APGS relocated to TWTC Hall 3, the first-ever INDIE SALON
■Asia Pacific Game Summit:2019/1/24-25@TWTC Hall 3 (Main Stage、INDIE SALON)
※Trade visitors can register prior to the event for free entrance
For the first time, Asia Pacific Game Summit will be held in TWTC Hall 3 with Chinese, English, and Japanese sessions that analyze current industry trends. The organizer invites speakers from KLab Inc., Butterfly Digital Entertainment, Nvidia, Republic of Gamers (ROG), AORUS Gaming, TESL, and HTC to shed light on hot topics such as virtual reality, game marketing, game development, and eSports trends. For blockchain application, ALTO is going to share related news in the game industry. Indie Salon, the whole new session, invites indie developers from 5 different countries to share their experiences regarding team-management and game-designing, which is featured teams like Kaigan Games, PeroPeroGames, SEMISOFT, Unknown Worlds Entertainment, Yurif, Glassheart Ltd., CreAct Game, and many others.

Spotlight 2—Building B2B Zone Into An International Strategic Collaboration Hub
■B2B ZONE:2019/1/24-25@TWTC Hall 3
※Trade visitors can register prior to the event for free entrance
B2B Zone is the largest game IPs trading platform in Asia with 13% growth rate in 2019. Over 300 game companies and teams from Canada, Spain, the Netherlands, Germany, Australia, UK, USA, Japan, Korea, Singapore, Malaysia, and China are eager to participate in the event. The organizer has also collaborated with GameStart (Singapore), BitSummit (Japan), LevelUp KL (Malaysia), ESGS (Philippines), BGS (Brazil), and BIC FEST, BIPA, and GSTAR (Korea), as well as other gaming event and government associations. And “Pre-registration for Trade Visitors” is activated now till January 16, estimated that 3,000 trade visitors from over 20 countries will attend next year.

Spotlight3—15% growth rate in B2C ZONE, eSports brands joined with a great scale
■B2C Zone: Jan. 25-28, 2019 at TWTC Halls 1 and 3
■Board Game Wonderland, Indie House: Jan. 26-28, 2019 at TWTC Hall 3

B2C Zone will occupy two main areas in TWTC Hall 1 and Hall 3 to provide a more comfortable and rich experience for the players. The event will showcase over 200 games, spanning console, mobile, PC, and VR platforms. The lineup will feature industry heavyweights including SIET(,Sony Interactive Entertainment Taiwan Limited), MADHEAD, XFLAG, BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Taiwan Ltd., Google Play, Pearl Abyss, UBISOFT, SEGA GAMES, and Wonder Planet, etc. Board Game Wonderland, which assembles local and international tabletop game companies and teams, and the highly anticipated Indie House will showcase the unreleased games as well.

To put a cherry on top of the solid exhibitor lineups, eSports companies also join in the event with a great scale next year. Major brands including Twitch x Cyber Games Arena, Republic Of Gamers (ROG), MSI Gaming, AORUS Gaming, HyperX, and Tt eSPORTS will be at Taipei Game Show. Furthermore, for the first time in TGS history, NVIDIA, the supplier of the most powerful eSports gears, will join the exhibition. Also, more than 10 eSports tournaments will be held as well.

Spotlight 4—Asia Largest Indie Game Festival: Over 200 Indie Teams attend Next Year
■B2B ZONE INDIE GAME FESTA:2019/1/24-25(2 days)@TWTC Hall 3
■B2C ZONE INDIE HOUSE:2019/1/26-28(3 days)@ TWTC Hall 3

INDIE GAME FESTA (B2B ZONE) and INDIE HOUSE (B2C ZONE) have once again exceeded previous records. Over 200 indie game teams from 22 countries will converge in Taiwan in January. More than 60 percent of the exhibitors are international teams, including Japan, Korea, Hong Kong, USA, Austria, Brazil, Norway, Australia, UK, Germany, the Netherlands, Finland, and Canada. Indie House is relocated to TWTC Hall 3 for the first time so that exhibitors and players can enjoy a larger space to interact and try demos.

INDIE GAME AWARD, the most prestigious game award given out by TGS, is now in the review phase. A total of 115 game titles from 17 countries have entered the competition. The jury panels were chosen from among senior members of Taiwan game media, game publishers and developers to select the winners in eight categories: Best Narration, Best Visual Art, Best Audio, Best Design, Best Innovation, Best VR Game, Best Mobile Games, and IGA Grand Prix. The award ceremony is scheduled to take place in TWTC Hall 3 during the Indie Salon at 4:00 pm on January 24, 2019.


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