Launch Day Arrives for Closers’ LUNA

En Masse Entertainment is pulling out all the stops as 2018 draws to a close. Beginning today, Closers players can finally meet and play as Luna, a new playable character who brings a blend of offensive and defensive skills to the game. Check out the brand new launch trailer below for a quick peek at what she brings to the fight!

To showcase Luna’s story and abilities, En Masse has released a brand new trailer and a story recap video that we hope you’ll share with your community.

Story -
Gameplay Trailer -

Luna is a Shieldmaiden and a member of the Wildhüter. Wielding the Aegis shield as her primary weapon, she is a frontline specialist with both high defense and an array of offensive skills at her disposal. Nothing brings pain more than a shield to the face!

In addition to the excitement that a new character brings, Closers players can also participate in a number of ongoing events throughout the balance of December in order to earn sweet, sweet loot.

Event Stage Madness allows players to check out a different stage event from 2018 every day of the week. If players missed an event, it’s a great time to see things for the first time. It also gives players the chance to revisit some old favorites.

Winter Preparation Event (November 26th to December 19th) lets players earn sweet, sweet loot simply for logging in each day for 15-days. Players can take home a number of goodies including Elite Status, crafting materials, costume items and more.

During Weekend Play Time, (November 26th to December 19th) players can earn even more items simply for playing the game. There are rewards handed out at various “milestones” during weekend gaming hours. Earn an item for logging in, at the 30, 60, 90- and 120-minute marks too! This ends on December 20th, so players should get in there and get fighting now.

En Masse is dedicated to bringing the year to an end in a big way for the Closers community! Swing by the Closers site to learn more!

If you could share this exciting news with your users today, we’d be very grateful! Let us know if you would like to speak with the dev team! If you’d like any promotional keys to giveaway, please let us know too and we can accommodate you!

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