Toast Time: Smash Up! - Coming Soon to Nintendo Switch

Force Of Habit has announced today a brand new title in the Toast Time series – Toast Time: Smash Up! - is coming exclusively to Nintendo Switch, and is available to watch list and pre-order now.

Fresh from the oven, Toast Time: Smash Up! brings the unique toast-based recoil & reload action from the appetising, breakfast-defence, cult smash hit Toast Time to the multiplayer brawler/eSports genre.

Return as TERRY (Toast-Ejecting Recoil & Reload sYstem) with a multitude of new, breakfast-based, zany, over-the-top awesomeness, and start a competitive multiplayer Smash Up at a bakery near you!


Release Date: 16th November 2018 Price: £7.99 / €8.99 / $9.99 Pre-order Price: 10% off!

Pre-order is only available in EU and AU regions. Launch week Price (NA region only): 10% off!

Toast Time: Smash Up! pits players (toasters) against each other with a variety of bread and breakfast-based projectiles: Bagels, Baguettes, Croutons, Crumpets, Doughballs, Toasties, etc., more than you can shake a breadstick at. Using only the recoil/propulsion from firing to navigate, players must outwit their opponents by positioning themselves within line-of-sight striking distance, all the while utilising their favourite breads to attack in full advantage and take each other out. It's mutually assured destruction.

Featuring 2 – 4 player local-multiplayer in 35 dynamic arenas, single-player in 54 musically choreographed missions, and newly localised into 6 languages (EFIGSP. JP, KO, ZH in post-release), Toast Time is now truly the global breakfast staple everyone deserves.

Force Of Habit's prime wizard and pixel-pusher Ashley Gwinnell said about the announcement: “Whether you're a gluten for punishment, whether you're bready to rumble or whether you're just loafing around, this second serving of digital delight is one to salivate over! Raise your glasses! Bottoms up. Cheers!”

What are you waiting for? Spread some buttery breakfast joy. Bon appetite!

Toast Time: Smash Up! is available to pre-order on Nintendo Switch eShop in EU and AU regions, and is available to Watch List in NA regions. All regions release on 16th November 2018.

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