Predict The Game Awards

War of Awards, a video game award mega-battle, has opened a predictions game for video game awards season.

The newest games included in the running are the recent nominees of The Game Awards, the second major organization to release its shortlist. Winners are announced December 6.

Fans can make predictions at and adjust their rankings throughout the season. Beginning next month, the website will roll out a new interface making it easy to spot trends in what users think will win versus what should win.

“War of Awards” is a campaign and event designed to engage the entire gaming population in the otherwise elite horse race of video game awards season. Each organization's award serves as a "play-off," with winners advancing to the fan-made "SuperBowl" known as the live debate "caucus," where supporters anoint the best of the season’s winners at the March 30 event (TBA), streamed live from Boston. Season updates will be announced on Discord below.

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