Give them a taste of what you got – Cooking Simulator will be available early 2019

We hope you’ve prepared your chef’s hat as Cooking Simulator is going live on Steam early 2019. The guys from Wastelands Interactive alongside their publisher – PlayWay – just can’t wait to let you in into your new digital kitchen!


Check the ingredients

Well, maybe you’re all fingers and thumbs in real life and peeled potatoes are surprisingly square-like when you finish your job. Maybe you have a great talent to burn the water while making tea. But don’t you worry, because Cooking Simulator’s got you covered and you can now become the best chef in the world, playing the game’s Career Mode. But for starters, we encourage you to try out our tutorials in Cooking School. Making digital dishes may be less risky but you really might need to get a hang of it first!

A good recipe

Cooking Simulator allows you for a pinch of madness (or a whole bowl if you prefer) but it will also amaze you with its realistic kitchen action, letting you prepare a plethora of various dishes – including your today’s dinner. The developers did everything they could to provide you with an arsenal of necessary kitchenware starting from pots and frying pans and ending with blenders, and other cooking accessories. On the shelves you’ll find astounding 120 ingredients which are essential while making dishes using one of 60 recipes included in the game. Most importantly – that’s not all, because in Cooking Simulator the possibilities are limited only by your own imagination and skills.

The latter you can thankfully improve by playing the game. Sometimes you’ll even need to micromanage a lot of stuff simultaneously. Nothing will cook itself after pushing one or two buttons. You need to learn how to cut ingredients, how to use cooking wares trying at the same time to save the soup from boiling out of the pot. No one said this job would be easy, right?

Kitchen not-mares
So you want to get a little crazy here, ey? The third available game mode called Sandbox allows you to do whatever you want. Make some tasty experiments or juggle the pots. It’s your call. You wanna make a vegetable tower? Go for it. And while you’re on fire, just don’t let the kitchen catch some fire too. Everything is possible thanks to the advanced physics engine that perfectly imitates the reality. However, unlike in the real world, no one will knock to your restaurant’s door with their TV crew, screaming some stuff about nightmares in the kitchen.

Nice composition

Cooking Simulator is a full and robust single player game with three game modes available, photorealistic visual style and real-life physics. Dozens of available recipes and kitchenware give the player an enormous field for experimentation with the dishes. Give your guests a taste of what you got!

Some tasty ideas are boiling in your head already? We’re gathering requests for sweet, sweet reviews, spicy videos or delicious let’s plays. Let’s stay in touch!

The game will be available on Steam early 2019 in 6 language versions: English, German, Spanish, Chinese, Russian and Polish.

System requirements


Operating system Windows 7
Processor i5 3550 / FX-8350
Memory 6 GB RAM
Graphics card GTX 660Ti / R9 270X
DirectX Version 9.0c
Hard disk space 6 GB available


Operating system Windows 10
Processor i5 4570 / Ryzen 7 1700x
Memory 16 GB RAM
Graphics card GTX 1060 6GB / RX 480 8GB
DirectX Version 11
Hard disk space 6 GB available

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