Epic Skater 2 Releases on Steam

Your Daily Fill announces ​Epic Skater 2 is now available on Steam for PC. Arcade skateboarding meets fast-paced 2.5D platformer. Score epic combos in Endless Mode and skate 40 handcrafted levels in Career Mode. Over 2000 challenges and a billion clothing outfit combinations.

Your Daily Fill Releases ​Epic Skater 2​ for Steam

BEND, OR--Epic Skater is back as a fully featured Action Sports Platformer dubbed a spiritual successor to Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater by fans. Epic Skater 2 delivers classic console skateboarding to Steam with familiar, all new gamepad controls. Originally designed for mobile, the developers have removed advertising, in-app-purchases, and streamlined the gameplay to create a premium platform experience.

Returning to Epicwood, the multi-level city where players skate the streets, subways, and rooftops with the signature, skill-based trick and combo system. Two years in the making, a follow-up to the original hit, Epic Skater 2 was rebuilt from the ground up to go beyond endless running and expand on every aspect of the game.

The all-new Create-A-Skater features over one billion outfit combinations. A new Career Mode with over 40 handcrafted levels accompanies the original Endless Mode. Daily Challenges combine with a Dynamic Goal Systems to deliver over 2000 goals. A deep gameplay progression stretches across both modes rewarding Create-A-Skater gear, Upgrades to every Skate Trick, and Crates full of Loot.

Epic Skater 2 is available now on Steam for $14.99.

  • and Mouse + Keyboard support.
  • 100 Achievements exclusive to Steam.
  • and Weekly in-game Leaderboards and podiums to show off your outfit.
  • Free Skate in both Career and Endless Modes.
  • Epic Camera Mode
  • Rebuilt from the ground up while maintaining the trick and combo control system you know and love.
  • Create-A-Skater with over 600 gear, clothing, and accessories to customize your skater and deck.
  • 40 Career Mode levels loaded with challenges.
  • 11 Tiers with 2000+ Goals in Endless Mode to keep you grinding.
  • More than 44 unique, upgradeable tricks for epic combos.
  • All-New Tricks. Loads of new tricks to shred with!
  • Turn around and go where you want. Wallplant, Wallpush, to explore every direction.
  • Skate Quarter Pipes. Acid Drop and Spine Transfer for BIG AIR.
  • Use Boost Pads reach new heights and find secret areas!
  • Skate and Destroy! Thrash ramps in vert sessions.
  • Designed by former Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater series developers.
Trailer: https://youtu.be/kYHGvn3aMlo
Steam: https://store.steampowered.com/app/879740/Epic_Skater_2/

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