Bless Online Expands with The Ruins of Shaqqara Update

Bless Online, the free-to-play grand fantasy MMORPG from Neowiz Bless Studio, expands today with The Ruins of Shaqqaraupdate. This massive new content drop brings two huge new end-game zones, a new dungeon, new gear to hunt down, new monsters to tame, a level cap boost from 45 to 50, and a plethora of quality of life changes and bug fixes as well.

This is the largest update since Bless Online entered Early Access back in May, and it serves as the game’s first post-launch content drop. All through the month of November there will also be a login event that gives any and all players who sign into the game the chance to earn exclusive costumes and mount skins.

Main Features of The Ruins of Shaqqara:

  • A level cap increase to level 50
  • Two massive new zones - Shaqqara and the Burning Desert
  • Zeeto’s Laboratory Level 50 Dungeon
  • Level 50 Royal Quests
  • New story quests for both Hieron and Union players
  • The Aspiring armor and weapon sets
  • Tons of bug fixes and quality of life improvements

All of the update highlights can be found HERE on Steam, along with the Legendary Warlord, Warlord, and Novice starter packs that celebrate the official launch of Bless Online.

If you’d like a Warlord Pack to help you review the official launch version of Bless Online, please let us know.

Visit the official site to stay up to date on the latest news, in-game events, and more.

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