Announcing Roblox’s Creator Challenge

Today, Roblox announces the launch of their a brand new Winter Story Game Creator Challenge designed to encourage children and young adults everywhere to try their hand at game-building on the platform. Robloxia Library is a new collaborative environment within Roblox, that asks players to use the power of code to rebuild the words vanishing from the pages of Robloxia Library’s books – unlocking exclusive rewards in the process.

Hot off the success of their summer creator challenge, Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom, the Roblox coding challenges are designed to encourage Roblox’s young players to practice code, while also developing other valuable skills such as remote collaboration, entrepreneurship, 3D modeling, and more. The summer challenge saw nearly 300,000 new games published to the platform and also served as a vehicle to reach some of the 39,000 students who have now undertaken one of the company’s expansive education programs. These programmes are also delivered year-round in classrooms, after-school programs, summer camps and homes in more than 21 countries.

The challenge invites players to participate in the Hour of Code™ during Computer Science Education Week (December 3-9, 2018). The Hour of Code is a global movement organized by that aims to introduce tens of millions of students worldwide to computer science.

Story Game Creator Challenge

A mysterious curse has befallen the Robloxia Library. Words are vanishing from the pages of our books, and now it’s up to you to use the power of code to help players restore them to their former glory! Visit the Creator Challenge page below to begin your first lesson and complete each corresponding quiz to unlock exclusive rewards through January 22. Share your creations with us using the hashtag #RobloxCreatorChallenge and you could be featured on our Twitter @Roblox. Good luck!

Start the Story Game Creator Challenge!
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