Gravity Hop

Gravity Hop is a casual arcade mobile game where you are the commander of a Spaceship. Due to an incident (story in game), almost all crew members are dead and most systems are down. With the remaining crew, Emma and Jim, you embark on a mission to get back home hopping from planet to planet by deactivating gravity fields.

The game is based on a campaign hand built levels where you learn the game mechanics and story. Each level you need to plan your path, and execute timely by touching the screen to deactivate the gravity force.

At level 20 you unlock the Challenge where you play in auto generated levels with increasing difficulty - competing with other players over who completes the hardest level.

More galaxies, game modes, power-ups, upgrades, and achievements to be released in the following versions.

Some highlights:
  • Addicting - one more try - kind of game with extra depth.
  • Tutorials - incrementally revealing game mechanics and storyline along the entire game.
  • Power-ups and Upgrades - provides additional depth to the game, adding complexity in the later phases.
  • Leaderboard and competition - race through harder and harder levels and compete with other players - leveraging both skills and power-ups/upgrades.
  • game based on IAP and ADS (not forced)

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