The Great Fantasy Struggle is released on Steam

TGFS is an indie grand strategy game set in a fantasy world of Lubetia, engrossed in an unrelenting conflict between light and darkness.

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About TGFS:

Take control over a peaceful and prosperous realm of Ille, should you decide to take the side of Light, or rule over a land of chaos and destruction with Racthas, if your choice is Darkness, this would enable you to spread your power all over Lubetia!

As a ruler you have to take control of your:
• Population:
Capture other locations either by war or peacefully to increase your population and don’t forget to defend your own locations!
• Influence:
Build your main city to increase your influence over the world - choose from many different structures, each with its unique effect.
• Treasury:
Sending missioners and warriors, increasing influence, building your city, units actions – all these cost gold, so watch over your expenses as to not empty your treasury.

So choose your side wisely and try to achieve balance between your population, influence and treasury to become the ruler of whole world of Lubetia!

TGFS Features:

· Main characters - Play as Gerberion the Wizard of Light or Manufactus the Dark Demon.
· City Building - Develop your home location to have more influence over all locations on the world map.
· Global game map - 59 locations, each with its unique fantasy creature inhabitants: elfs, humans, fairies, skeletons, zombies, ice wraiths and many more.
· Units - Send warriors and missioners to defend your locations or to take over the other locations.
· Deep strategic gameplay - You have to watch over total controlled population, treasury and total amount of gold, your influence in every game location and moral state of its inhabitants.
· Opponent AI - choose between 3 difficulty levels and complete main game tasks, depending of difficulty.
· Different ways to win - Defeat your opponent either by having more population or influence, or try to capture his main location and win permanently!
· Hand drawn graphics - Inspired by impressionist paintings.
· Fully visualized UI - There is no numbers or unnecessary complex indicators - all game information is given in vivid, simple for understanding pictures and icons.

“There is no Light, without Darkness…”

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