Hegemone Pass - Take back the title of “Queen of the Underworld” in this side-scrolling JRPG

Meringue Entertainment announces Hegemone Pass, coming to Windows PC and Linux in 2019. Dethroned and untitled, the goddess Persephone fights her way to take down Queen Demeter in turn-based RPG battles where you decide who’s Leader: empowering allies or oppressing foes with their title, set deep within the Greek Underworld!

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The deep love between King Hades and innocent Persephone leads her to become the Queen of the Underworld. But Demeter’s worry for her daughter leads her to wage a war against the Underworld. Hades disappears, and an army swarms their Palace: in the attack, her very own “corrupted” daughter loses her title and falls from the heights of the Palace. Demeter, now Queen of the Underworld, begins a hunt for Hades to imprison him in Tartarus and liberate all the souls of the Underworld… and her daughter fights to protect the order of the Underworld.

Take on the mantle of leader… or pass it on to an ally through the power of the Hegemone Pass. As Persephone, make an ally your leader in your presence, and alter the power of allies or foes through four kinds of Titles: empower your allies with “TEAM” titles, oppress your foes with “FEAR” titles, become a mighty powerful leader with “LEADER” titles or torment their leader with “TARGET” titles, each one altering stats, elemental resistances and granting a special effect. Switch leaders to change the current title in play and defeat the enemy leader to win!

Walk upon the lands of the Underworld in traditional 2D platforming levels within multiple missions. Find collectibles such as treasure chests and 1Ups. Jump and dodge hazards. Solve devious puzzles. Attack your enemies for a first strike. Battle numerous monsters and gods. Take away the stolen titles from thieves and use them as your own. Defeat Demeter’s followers, the Eleusinian Mysteries, and take back the throne of the Underworld!

  • A JRPG and Platformer: Explore the Underworld like a platformer, and battle foes in turn-based RPG battles in over 25 story missions! Switch between three party members with their unique abilities, such as Bunny Floating and Shockwave Attacks, to clear obstacles, solve puzzles and find hidden treasure on your way!
  • An adorable cast of characters: Humans, gods and monsters all populate this rendition of a Greek Mythology classic featuring simple but adorable character sprite art.
  • Empower allies or oppress foes as Leader: Harness their “Title” to alter stats, grant elemental resistances and cause a special effect to happen! Four different types of titles exist: Team! Leader! Fear! Target!
  • Switch the Leader: Use the titular “Hegemone Pass” technique to change who’s the leader in battle to activate their title’s own power immediately or force the enemy to switch leaders and put themselves at a disadvantage with the “Auxo Pass”!
  • Shared Leveling: No matter if everyone's knocked out or not, exp is shared at all times, and your party is always at the same level!
  • Unlock the powers of a goddess: Find your lost powers and enable your team to cast magic from flowers or walk on lava!
  • Steal back Stolen Titles: Eliminate foes who have stolen the titles of innocent souls and retrieve them to use new titles in battle, unlocking new strategies of battle! Gain experience of that title to increase your rank and obtain permanent upgrades to that character!
  • Take on Challenge Battles: Discover hidden challenge battles with unique victory/defeat conditions that test your skills as a leader and reap in nice rewards!

​Hegemone Pass is slated for a 2019 release, with an early preview demo coming soon.
Visit our website at http://hegemonepass.com for more information and lead your allies to victory!

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