Console Shoot 'em up Earth Atlantis coming to iOS July 11

The forthcoming iOS release of Earth Atlantis from Thailand based developers Pixel Perfex now has a confirmed release date of Tuesday the 11th July 2018. Review Code is available for Press.

"I highly recommend taking the dive" (
"Visually stunning" (
“Earth Atlantis is a unique title, both in presentation and execution” (

Nominated for the best action game of 2017 by IGN. The award-winning side-scrolling shooter praised for its unique artistic style, winning the “Excellence in Art” award at BIC Festival 2016 and “Best in Show” at BitSummit 2017, will bring console quality gameplay and visuals to the palms of your hands next week for only $4.99.

A Decade in Making - A Hybrid Shooter with a Unique Visual Style
Targeting the gameplay of classic titles like Gradius and R-Type, injecting monster-hunting boss battles inspired by Shadow of the colossus and Monster Hunter, the concept of Earth Atlantis started over a decade ago when the game designer roughly sketched a picture of a space-submarine ship with futuristic mechanical sea monsters.

The developers spent many years figuring out how to create a unique 14thcentury drawing visual style. 2 years ago, the team developed a technique to combine three-dimensional depth with 2D sketch-drawing and create the eye-catching art style that has helped catapult Earth Atlantis to multiple awards.

A Nintendo Switch Exclusive Shooter coming to iOS
Earth Atlantis was chosen by Nintendo for a timely exclusive title on the Nintendo Switch in 2017, followed by regular updates and improvements before releasing on Playstation 4 and Microsoft’s Xbox One in June 2018. The award-winning shooter is now finally coming to iOS.

Game Features
  • Original side-scrolling, monster-hunting, objective based shooting
  • Unique hand-drawn “Old Vintage Sketching” visual style
  • Three new difficulty setting designed for everyone, from casual to hardcore players
  • Two exciting new game modes: Quest mode, Hunter mode
  • Four playable ships with unique powerful and upgradable weapons
  • Twenty-five gigantic monsters, numerous enemy ships to hunt and nine special events to complete

Earth Atlantis is available to Pre-order now, right here:
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