Ntroy is opening up to the World with Phoenix Dynasty 2

On June 8, 2018, Friday, the MMORPG Phoenix Dynasty 2 which was developed and published by Ntroy is going live on 4 continents at the same time as full version!

Phoenix Dynasty 2, suits the one’s fancy who are seeking for old-school MMORPG with its rich content rather than its graphical features. You will face 5 different character classes when you start the game and it is possible to choose any of them you desire to. There are so many events await you such as Castle and Village Wars on weekends, dungeons for your level, Demon Tower, Caravan Raids and 7/24 open PK maps. The Pay to Win system which bothers so many players does NOT exist in Phoenix Dynasty 2! Thus, it makes the gold system which is used more important and puts forward the effort spent in the game. This gold system provides you the chance of merchandise such as setting a market stall or caravan trade.

Ntroy is aiming to address all the world and his wife with Phoenix Dynasty 2. Speaking quite frankly, the company was planning to open in Europe and North America at first, but after the MMO players’ deep interests all around the world, the company decided to open in South America and Asia as well. Ntroy, gives you guarantee the situation such as closing the game or never-fixed bugs never going to happen since the company owns the game.

You may download Phoenix Dynasty 2 through Steam or website and start your journey in this amazing world.

To download Phoenix Dynasty 2 free: http://l.pdo2.com/HMixwW

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