KamaGames launches new Multi-Table Tournaments (MTT) and Split Bet Poker

KamaGames, the largest European social mobile poker operator, today announced a significant update to their flagship title Pokerist, with the launch of a brand new game, Split Bet Poker, and the addition of the hugely popular, Multi-Table Tournaments (MTT).

MTT is the latest exciting tournament type available to KamaGames’ 530,000 daily active players. Particularly suited to more experienced, committed and high level players, MTTs have always been hugely popular in the real money online poker rooms, but have not appeared in a social casino title until now.

MTTs are played across a number of different tables simultaneously, meaning there can be several hundred players playing in a tournament. As the tournament progresses, the number of tables reduces as more and more players get knocked out until only one table and subsequently one player is left. These tournaments follow traditional poker mechanics, which allow players to design a long-term strategy and potentially win 20-times their initial buy-in.

Launched recently into the Pokerist app, Split Bet Poker is played with three player cards and two community cards. When the player’s cards are revealed, they have a chance to take back ⅓ of their bet if they have a weak hand. Then, when the first of the community cards are shown, they have another opportunity to take back a further ⅓ of their bet if the odds of a win do not look good. The player also has the option to keep their full bet in the game too with other players also laying down extra side bets.

Split Bet Poker is one of the most favourable games for players as they can scale back bets in the middle of a deal and, best of all, the payouts can reach up to 1000:1 with the highest combination.

Andrey Kuznetsov, CEO of KamaGames, said: “We have made an ongoing commitment to our players to continue to innovate through a variety of game formats and playing experiences and these two launches are a great example of that. Having over 530,000 Daily Active Users means there are host of different kinds of players who enjoy our games. This means that as an operator, we need to offer them a wide variety of tournaments, games and different ways to play allowing every player to choose the content that suits them and their playing style”.

To download Pokerist now, click on this link: http://pokerist.com/play/

For more information on KamaGames and its portfolio of products visit www.KamaGames.com.

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