DEFENSE TASK FORCE - A Game For The Tower Defense Enthusiast

Upcoming indie Defense Task Force is proud to announce a sci-fi tower defense game. Launching June 19th on PC through Steam, Defense Task Force rekindles the love for a timeless genre. A visually stunning and strategically stimulating outtake on a classic tower defense title.

As a Commander sent from a deprived Earth to an alien planet named Delta Atheni, the mission is seemingly simple. Mine resources and neutralize aliens to save Earth. Rely on developing strategic instincts to breathe life back into our planet. Our trailer unveils additional clarity to the current struggles of the society.

Players are challenged by how long can they outlast against infinite waves of enemy Kraken, and how efficient can they build their defenses. Will they be a Commander for the History books, or will they perish upon arrival?

This is Defense Task Force.

Choose from 10 different towers each equipped with customizable targeting and upgradeable skill trees. Combat with 25 uniquely skilled enemy Krakens. Yeah, we said it. The dynamically spawned enemies have skills, attributes, and never stop rushing. Battle your adversaries with strategic dominance, or relax within the immersive world. We humbly believe this will be a content creator’s dream.

Experience cinematic, large scale, dynamically generated battles with first person shooter quality visuals. Did we mention the real-time mazing and intuitive gameplay? Capitalize off the planet’s resources by mining them from different Sectors on the planet.

But we are only getting started, and this is just a glimpse into the depth of playability within Defense Task Force. Do you know a Commander up for the challenge?
We scoured tower defense fan communities in search of the complete package, and developed our game from the passion of your desires. Simply put, if you love tower defense games, plan your calendar for Defense Task Force.

Our team based in Auckland, New Zealand is thrilled to provide support for our passion project and eager to connect with our fans. Looking for more information? Visit Steam page.

Key Features of Defense Task Force:
  • Procedurally generated worlds and waves
  • Refine strategies with seemingly endless battle combinations
  • Infinitely challenging chronological waves
  • Dynamic enemy AI and weathering
  • Fully customizable and upgradeable tower defenses
  • Unlockable Blueprints for advantageous tower placement
  • 25 enemy types within 8 RPG based enemy class types

HD Trailer is available

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