To the Moon – Animated Feature Film Confirmed

After 2 years of behind-the-scenes incubation and planning, a major production full-length animated film based on Freebird Games’ 2011 adventure game, “To the Moon”, has been confirmed and is underway.

The project will be a collaboration between Japan (main production) and China (main funding). First tier Japanese animation production companies are aboard, with specifics to be announced at a future date.

On the funding side, significant budget has been secured for the project, quoted as somewhere above the budget for the animated film production of “Your Name” as reference.

The film project was planned and made possible in partnership with Beijing’s Ultron Event Horizon, whose CEO, Danyang Zhao, was responsible for bringing “Your Name” to China.

The original creator of To the Moon, Kan Gao, will play a part in the film script creation process and consultation.

Meanwhile, Freebird Games continues to create narrative-driven games with Kan fully committed. The production for the next Freebird game project has already begun, and is quoted to be “quite bonkers”.

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