Nexon Computer Museum holds its third ‘ VR OPEN CALL ’

Nexon Computer Museum(Director Yunah Choi) holds its third open contest for VR contents, <2018 NCM VR OPEN CALL>.

NCM OPEN CALL is an annual contest held by Nexon Computer Museum to support experimental and challenging creators. It welcomes emergent imagination with artistic and innovative comprehension of Virtual Reality(VR). In 2016, when VR technology was still not so familiar, Nexon Computer Museum started NCM OPEN CALL with its first slogan “VR, why just sit-watching?” NCM OPEN CALL in 2017 was held under the theme of “Beyond Reality, Around Reality, Through Reality,” broadening itself to Augmented Reality(AR) and Mixed Reality(MR) entries. This year, it is calling for active participation in its third open call, with the slogan “VReady?”

NCM OPEN CALL aims for ongoing contest, in which artists can complete their project with Nexon Computer Museum and its visitors. Anyone with creative idea to broaden perspective of thoughts and emotion can apply regardless of nationality, age, sex and profile. There is no restriction in platform, genre and theme for submitting one’s VR, AR and MR contents. Application opens from July 1st, 2018 to August 31st, 2018 with the winner announcement targeted on October 12th, 2018.

Winners are provided with various benefits along with total prize of 10 million KRW.
桑田碧海(Sang-Jeon-Byeok-Hae) Prize will be given to one VR/AR/MR project successively expressing a surprising conversion of the world with 5 million KRW. A project that grants immersive experience of VR will take 無我之境(Mu-Ah-Ji-Kyung) Prize with 3 million KRW. 物我一體 (Mul-Ah-Il-Che) Prize is for a VR/AR/MR project that expresses creative intention of the artist, and 胡蝶之夢 (Ho-Jeob-Ji-Mong) Prize is for a VR/AR/MR project with distinguished visual effects and detailed expression with 1 million KRW each.

With additional evaluation, passionate and competent creators among the winners get special chance to be nominated as NCM Accelerator and supported for developing further projects with sponsorship worth of 10 million KRW for one year. Exhibition at Nexon Computer Museum can be another meaningful opportunity for young developers and artists.

“It feels like the future depicted in the movie <Ready Player One> by Steven Spielberg is not too far away in technical point of view,” said Director Yunah Choi of Nexon Computer Museum, “We are expecting active participation of potential artists with creative idea to extend the boundary of thoughts and emotion.”

Detailed information about <2018 NCM VR OPEN CALL> is on Nexon Computer Museum website from April 16th, 2018. One can also make requests via e-mail( ).

[Reference 1] Nexon Computer Museum
Nexon Computer Museum is the first Asian computer museum established on July 27th, 2013 at Nohyung-dong, Jeju-si, Jeju. It allows people to imagine the future by viewing “computer” that changed the life of humanity in the most progressive and innovative way, along with “Game” that contributed to the development of computer. It holds approximately 7,000 artifacts regarding history of computer and game. Visitors can get hands-on experience of most of the artifacts in four galleries. Nexon Computer Museum successfully restored and opens the original version of the longest running graphical MMORPG in the world, <The Kingdom of the Winds>, developed by NEXON in 1996. It is a local friendly museum that encourages cultural and educational boost of local community with various programs including but not limited to ‘NCM Children Advisory’, ‘HAT(Humanities, Art & Design and creative Technology’, and ‘Open Workshop.’


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