Blade Runner: Revelations

On behalf of Seismic Games and Alcon Media Group, we are pleased to announce that Blade Runner: Revelations is now available on the Daydream platform. From today, audiences will be able to explore a uniquely immersive and compelling new Adventure/Thriller VR gaming experience based on the award-winning Blade Runner series. The title follows the critically acclaimed release of Blade Runner 2049 from Oscar nominated director Denis Villeneuve, starring Ryan Gosling and Harrison Ford. Created in conjunction with Google, Blade Runner: Revelations will also be specially bundled with the debut of the Lenovo Mirage Solo headset while stocks last. Audiences will be able to download Blade Runner: Revelations for the Daydream View or Lenovo Mirage Solo from the Google Play Store:

About The Game
Blade Runner: Revelations is an enthralling interactive story and full VR game based on the iconic Blade Runner universe, set shortly after the original film and leading up to the narrative of Blade Runner 2049. As the last of the Nexus Six Replicants die off and the Replicant Underground Resistance goes on the offense, the city falls into a state of unrest. Players will assume the role of “Harper”, a seasoned blade runner who unravels a twisted replicant plot that threatens the delicate balance of Los Angeles in 2023.

Key Game & VR Technology Features

  • From the moment players put on their VR headset, they will be instantly transported to the alluring neo-noir city of Los Angeles, where they will get to choose their fate in a multi-branching story experience. The narrative aptly explores the themes of being human in a world where technology and biology have become indistinguishable. The game spans over two hours as fans will get to put their investigative skills to the test. Some of the gameplay includes:
  • Explore seven distinct locales in your investigation, from Chinatown to the High Rise Offices.
  • Embark upon eight spinner flights across the city to locate more evidence.
  • Unravel the city streets for new clues through character/object interaction and suspect interrogation.
  • Master gunplay and leverage esper image reconstruction to try to solve the mystery.

Developed with new Lenovo Mirage Solo headset in mind, Blade Runner: Revelations will allow players to explore new mysteries with ease and some freedom of movement throughout the world. The VR game leverages WorldSense technology created by Google, which provides high definition PC-quality position tracking on a mobile device without the use of any additional external sensors. Lenovo Mirage Solo’s unique “6 Degrees of Freedom” feature enables players to smoothly navigate the game, thanks to its enhanced portability, high performance graphics and clear immersion, all without the use of a smartphone device as well.

Blade Runner: Revelations is out now exclusively on the Daydream platform by Google for the Lenovo Mirage Solo. The title is also available to fans on the Daydream View headsets. Players can download it for $8.99 on the Google Play Store.

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