ASOBI COIN speaks at B2B mobile game conference “POCKET GAMER CONNECTS"

ASOBIMO, Inc. participated in B2B mobile game conference “POCKET GAMER CONNECTS” * held in San Francisco, USA on May 14-15,2018, and spoke about their ICO project “ASOBI COIN”.

POCKET GAMER CONNECTS is a huge global B2B mobile game conference, this time held in San Francisco, following with Helsinki in September and London in January.

Asobimo, Inc. CEO Katsunori Kondo spoke in San Francisco and explained about the reasons to use blockchain. He talked briefly about the most common problem on online games: copying items. He stated that by linking players’ game items to the blockchain, we can manage them securely and create a fair play environment for players.

Furthermore, he explained about ASOBI MARKET, a protected digital content platform. This market uses blockchain to prove the ownership of digital content and creates a market for selling used digital content.

During the speech he showed a video clip from one of the ASOBI COIN advisers, André Rupp(The NAGA Group AG Director of Business Development), where he stated the following: “They are the first real, big-time game publisher involved in an ICO project with lots of games and with an already established user base. I don’t know any other case like Asobimo’s. As far as I know there are only a couple of game publishers who focus on blockchain technology. And I think it’s a great opportunity for Asobimo to take this kind of challenge, confront this innovative technology, and also develop into this direction for the future.”

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