Announcing Game Access ‘18 — The biggest game development event in the Czech Republic

The third edition of Game Access will open its doors in the G2 pavilion of the Brno Exhibition Center on June 1-2, 2018. The biggest game development event in the Czech Republic, Game Access ‘18 will cover the major topics important to the game dev industry, including game development, game-related business and games in education. Let us know if you want to get free press accreditation entrance pass!

Game Access ‘18 anticipates 1000 attendees and 30 carefully curated speakers—legendary game creators, CEOs and lead developers from all over the world. Plus, over 50 independent game developers will present their newest projects.

Keynote speakers for this year will be John Romero—the godfather of Deathmatch, programmer and designer of “Doom,” “Wolfenstein 3D” and “Quake”—and Brenda Romero, who worked on huge titles like “Dungeons & Dragons” and “Ghost Recon”! Our speaker lineup this year features additional well-known names: Nate Stephens, Principal Artist at the Santa Monica Studio of PlayStation (“God of War”); Marek Madej, Senior Concept Artist at CD Projekt Red (“The Witcher 3”); Paul Barnett, Game Director at (“World of Tanks”); Ben McCaw, Lead Writer at Guerilla (“Horizon Zero Dawn”); Emil Pagliarulo, Design Director at Bethesda Softworks (“Fallout” 3, 4); Dan Vávra, Creative Director at Warhorse Studios (“Kingdom Come: Deliverance”); Matti Palosuo, Technical Director at EA Tracktwenty (“SimCity BuildIt”); Tatu Petersen-Jessen, Art Director at Rovio Entertainment (“Angry Birds”); and many others.

The Game Access ’18 schedule also includes a unique business forum that will focus on current conditions in the region for investors and avenues of public sector and organizational support for new companies and divisions. The business forum is an excellent way for participants to discover new business opportunities, find investors and partners, and meet city leaders and CEOs of large game industry companies.

The three parties also represent fabulous networking opportunities where attendees can meet key industry players from around the world: developers, publishers, investors and participants looking to break into the gaming world. The entire evening of Thursday, May 31 will be dedicated to Game Access’ stylish Welcome party, and unforgettable parties will follow on each of the “official” two days of the conference.

The conference will conclude with a Game Access Awards ceremony, where the best Indie Showcase projects will receive awards.

As always, the organizers of Game Access ’18 rely on our many partners, whose support helps improve the quality of the event each year. Our 2018 General Partner is MADFINGER Games, which recently shipped their highly successful game, “Shadowgun Legends.” Other major partners are Wargaming, Bohemia Interactive and Hangar 13.

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