Accessible gaming taken to the next level

Evil Controllers releases one-handed controller to advance accessible gaming

For video gamers with disabilities, gaming doesn’t always come easy. As part of Global Accessibility Awareness Day (GAAD), Evil Controllers, a Phoenix-based company focused on creating customized video game controllers, is releasing its one-handed controller designed to advance accessible gaming.

“The one-handed controller is revolutionary for gamers who need a more accessible solution,” Adam Coe, CEO of Evil Controllers said. “Gamers who are limited to using one hand can now play without being held back by the standard controller design.”

Gamers who can only use one hand are limited to certain buttons on controllers that may be required to play games via Xbox, PlayStation and other consoles. Evil Controllers’ one-handed controller allows the user to relocate the physical buttons and thumb-sticks so they can access games they may have been restricted to before.

“The design extends the physical thumb-stick from the controller to a small housing unit that the user can place anywhere that’s comfortable to them,” Coe said. “That can range from placing the unit where their foot, face or other limb can access.”

According to GAAD’s website, GAAD is a day dedicated to raising awareness about digital access and inclusion by groups who build, shape, fund and influence technology. Coe and his team have recognized the day since it launched seven years ago.

Evil Controllers has led the accessible gaming space since 2007, and has partnered with AbleGamers Foundation to ensure gaming is accessible to everyone. Since starting the Evil Accessibility Division, Coe has served more than 700 gamers with different disabilities that limit their mobility.

“We spend a lot of time consulting with customers who have limited mobility to understand how they’re gaming so we can create a customized solution that’s unique to their needs,” Coe said. “Video games are a way persons with disabilities can be in control. We want to make sure they are.”

Customers can purchase the one-handed controller through the online store at . If gamers require a more customized controller for their mobility needs, they can access the submission form via

“It’s important for the gaming software and hardware community to understand the needs of gamers with disabilities,” Coe said. “Everyone should have access to gaming in a way that’s accessible to them.”

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