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Aksys Games announced today that the popular Nihon Falcom action RPG, Tokyo Xanadu eX+ is now available on To celebrate the release, Tokyo Xanadu eX+ will be featured for the first week from launch at just 40 percent of its list price, including all available DLC. A spiritual successor to the beloved '80s Nihon Falcom series, Xanadu, the game was initially released for the PS Vita system on June 30, 2017, and the PS4™ system (physical and digital) and Steam on December 8, 2017. Since then, it has received favorable reviews from critics and players alike. The GOG version supports both English and Japanese text, as it did on Steam.

“Overall, Tokyo Xanadu eX+ is incredibly satisfying... Thanks to the game's strong focus on characters, I fell in love with the cast like I was watching a season of a great anime. With a great soundtrack that had me tapping my foot along for hours and the substantial amount of content included, there’s enough here to justify a purchase for any JRPG fan,” said GameSpew. DualShockers commented, “This is a game that expertly mixes classic RPG systems for modern players,” and Honest Gamers concluded, “Tokyo Xanadu eX+ is the definitive version of a great Falcom action-RPG.”

Tokyo Xanadu eX+ is set in Morimiya City, a fictional suburb on the outskirts of modern-day Tokyo, and centers on a high school student named Kou Tokisaka. Kind and driven, Kou's sweet nature leaves him incapable of turning his back on those in need-which gets him into a fair amount of trouble. When Kou stumbles upon the nightmare realm known as the "Eclipse," his world is irrevocably turned upside down. With the help of his classmates, Kou must take to the streets of Tokyo, wielding elemental magic to defend the world against the shadowy forces of evil.

Features of Tokyo Xanadu eX+ include:
  • 40+ hours of Action RPG gameplay - Quest through Morimiya City and battle hordes of nightmarish monsters in stunning 60 FPS.
  • Explore a Brave New World - Players can adventure through a richly detailed world based on the real Tokyo. Talk to characters, build relationships, and forge alliances as you navigate the expansive cityscape.
  • New Adventures - Tokyo Xanadu eX+ includes brand-new scenarios and quests for players to battle their way through.
  • New Characters - Players can choose from a variety of new characters, including the mysterious knight, White Shroud. Wield the powers of the light to take down vile monsters and vicious bosses!
  • New Enemies - Tokyo Xanadu eX+ features brand-new dungeons, jam-packed with fearsome new monster types and giant bosses.
  • New Modes - Players can enjoy two new game modes: "Time Attack" and "Boss Rush." In Time Attack, defeat your enemies as quickly as possible in a race against the clock. In Boss Rush, skip the story and square off against each boss, one after the other.

Tokyo Xanadu eX+ is rated T for Teen. For more information, visit the website at .

Tokyo Xanadu eX+ Debuts on Tokyo Xanadu eX+ Debuts on Reviewed by Tech News 24h on Rating: 5