Taichi Panda 3 's Runic Fortress Update has arrived

The latest update to Snail Games' mobile hack-n-slash MMORPG Taichi Panda 3: Dragon Hunter Runic Fortress Update, is now live! The update introduces a new new mode, Runic Fortress, along with several new gameplay features, including the new events Boss Defender, new instance Vessel Guardian, new pets and new outfits.

Rip Away the Secrecy
  • The Runic Fortress update includes a number of new game features, as well as bug fixes and optimizations to core game mechanics, including:
  • Unlocked character level 160.
  • Unlocked forging level 8.
  • Unlocked badge fortification level 150.
  • New mode unlocked
  • New mount and pet added
  • New equipment slot added: Amulet
  • New system added: Weapons
  • New equipment and function added
  • New function added: Equipment Temper
  • New achievement title added
  • System optimization and bug fixing

To learn more about Taichi Panda 3: Dragon Hunter Runic Fortress Update and its new features, please visit our official web page: panda3.snail.com
Along with the announcement, Snail has also released a new official trailer showcasing some of the exciting features fans can expect in the new update:

The update is now available as an app store download. Players can download the pack and install it directly to upgrade their existing Taichi Panda 3: Dragon Hunter application.

About Taichi Panda 3: Dragon Hunter
Taichi Panda 3 is the latest MMORPG mobile hack-n-slash adventure from Snail Games. Powered by Flexi 3 using NVIDIA real physical technology and Metal rendering technology, Taichi Panda 3 is set in a massive world with 360-degree panoramic battles and superb visual fidelity. The game is an artistic blend of Eastern and Western aesthetics and features 1:1 real-world settings. Take part in fierce air and land battles across vast and varied terrain as part of an epic martial arts journey!

About Snail Games
Founded in 2000, Snail Games has been a pioneer in new online gaming experiences for over 15 years. With dozens of titles in over 60 countries, including Ministry of War, Bounty Bay Online, and flagship martial arts MMO Age of Wushu, Snail Games continues to push the frontier of gaming through game development, publishing and hardware.

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