Ruling the Galaxy Takes A Massive Leap forward with new Stardock's Galactic Civilizations III: Intrigue Expansion

Today, Stardock released Galactic Civilizations III: Intrigue, an all-new expansion that brings politics and government into the highly-rated 4X space strategy game. A new 3.0 update to the base game delivers a richer experience at the same unmatched scale and accompanies Intrigue's release.

"Intrigue brings answers to the big questions about governing an entire civilization across hundreds of planets and an enormous galaxy," said Stardock CEO Brad Wardell. "In Intrigue, once you settle your second planet, your people begin to demand some sort of government that recognizes that you have a significant offworld population. This adds a completely new element to the Galactic Civilizations that fans know and love."

The expansion introduces several new features that will enhance gameplay, including:

• Form a government - Each style of governing has its own advantages and disadvantages and affects the way the player will run their civilization. Technology, species, and cultural ideology will determine what types of governments are available to choose from.

• Conquer unexpected crises - Players will face the struggles of a galactic leader with special events throughout the course of the game. They may have to quell a group of violent revolutionaries, defeat a massive space creature, and more. How the player handles these crises through a series of choices, causes, and events, will open up new options, opportunities, and rewards.

• Establish a commonwealth - As the player's empire grows, worlds on the outskirts will want to become independent. By granting these worlds a status of commonwealth, they will be converted into an ally with a favorable disposition and will be inclined to implement player requests on the galactic scene, as well as provide a substantial stipend back to their home civilization.

• Trade on the Galactic Market - Trade resources in the new Galactic Market, where the prices are set by supply and demand. Sell Durantium before extensive mining drives down the price, or pay a premium to get some Elerium to construct that new prototype flagship.

• Stay informed with the Galactic News Network - Players can keep track of galactic events such as alliances, declarations of war, and more.

• Hold elections - Some forms of government require elections, which means that players will have to keep their populations happy in order to gain all the benefits and bonuses. A high approval rating is necessary for winning an election - if defeated, the government will shift into a state of civil unrest and all bonuses will be forfeited.

"We have so many governing styles to choose from," said Wardell. "You could rule democratically, but then you need to make sure to win your elections. Or you could just enslave your working class under an Owner Aristocracy, and the opinions of your people don't matter. You just have to deal with some potential civil unrest. You can handle that, right?"

A free v3.0 update to the base game brings support for Intrigue's new features while providing a richer experience with the same unrivaled scale. A new tutorial and a re-worked user experience makes the game more accessible for new players while still retaining the depth that Galactic Civilizations III is known for.

Additional improvements within v3.0 include:

• Taxes - Players can now set their tax rate on the govern screen. Increasing it will decrease the morale of a civilization, but will provide more income for things like war or infrastructure.

• Tourism - Planets and starbases generate influence that will grow over time and capture a percentage of travelers that pass through the player's area of control.

• Farming - All planets will come with arable tiles where farms can be built in order to generate food. Food will help to grow the population, which in turn will increase production.

• Extreme Worlds - The frequency with which the player will encounter extreme worlds has been substantially increased. Certain species can now colonize particular worlds without tech - for example, carbon-based lifeforms can settle on a corrosive planet, but Synthetic life cannot.

The free v3.0 update is now available and released with the Intrigue expansion today.

Intrigue is available for $19.99 through Stardock and Steam. To celebrate the launch of the Intrigue expansion, the base game Galactic Civilizations III, normally $39.99, is on sale through April 13, 2018 for 66% off via Stardock and Steam.

For more information on Galactic Civilizations III or the Intrigue expansion, visit Stardock's forums or website. Designer and CEO Brad Wardell has also been releasing development diaries for the last several weeks leading up to release to elaborate on the new features.

Ruling the Galaxy Takes A Massive Leap forward with new Stardock's Galactic Civilizations III: Intrigue Expansion Ruling the Galaxy Takes A Massive Leap forward with new Stardock's Galactic Civilizations III: Intrigue Expansion Reviewed by Tech News 24h on Rating: 5