Mobile RPG ‘FANTASYSQUAD W' released large-scale updates

‘FUNPLE STREAM (CEO, KIM HYUN)' announced that “FANTASY SQUAD W” released a new major update on the 17th April 2018.

In this update, new storylines and character remake & adjustments have been added.

First, new story, the 5, 6, 7 was updated. Players can challenge new adventures in the 'white island' of the dead and 'the forest of the heaven' of the elf, and the sacred place 'the cave of the memory' of the sanctuary of the elf.

At the same time, the character remake of 'Ella' and 'Anna' were also updated. "Ella" has a skill that gives a huge damage to the defensive hero and a skill that can ignore the physical effects of an enemy. ‘Anna’ has a powerful skill that can cancel of other hero's buff as a supporter, but her attack power is also very strong.

'FANTASY SQUAD W' is an RPG mobile game that combines various heroes to form a unique squad to fight against enemies. It is also possible to enjoy various game contents such as 'a rumble battle' that select 5 heroes to fight against more and more powerful enemies and enemies, 'the guardian battle' that can defeat the powerful boss monsters.

Mobile RPG ‘FANTASYSQUAD W' released large-scale updates Mobile RPG ‘FANTASYSQUAD W' released large-scale updates Reviewed by Tech News 24h on Rating: 5