MeoGames’s Champion Eleven Football Management Sim Offers Ultimate Realism

As the 2018 World Cup approaches, fans are anticipating a feast of new football games. With the combination of a superior simulation engine matched with the FIFPro licence, and the endorsement of Manchester City coach Pep Guardiola, the 3D football business strategy game Champion Eleven from MeoGames is poised to take the top of the table.

The Champion Eleven mobile game allows players to realize their dreams of running a football club by recreating real club operation and authentic match scenarios. Watch games simulated by the critically acclaimed match engine, make important on-field decisions, adjust tactics, and more.

The game’s AI links the player’s ability and current state, physical reserve, and other factors. Before entering a league challenge, players can view the team's best player, the league leaderboard table, details of the match schedule, play data of the team, and more. As manager, you must adjust the player lineup and deploy offensive and defensive tactics to build a strong team.

True fans understand adapting to regional defense, rhythm control, and movement without the ball. Champion Eleven deploys an intelligent player formation system which divides players into four categories of 13 positions, requiring managers to make decisions based on the player's variable ability to perform in each position. The formation interface supports easy on-the-fly configurations for starting and backup players, as well as 16 adjustable fast default formations and real-time substitution during matches.

In the tactical interface, players can assign tactics to each area at any time and select multiple tactical adjustments on the offensive and defensive sides. The system provides five classic tactical options in the match for player reference, with the ability to save after modification. After the match, the real-time data and player's score is displayed so players can instantly plan a better battle array and tactics for the next game.

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