MeoGames’ Champion Eleven Coming Soon to Mobile Devices Worldwide

Get ready, football fans! Champion Eleven, a FIFPro-authorised football management game, is soon to be released worldwide, featuring Manchester City Football Club's Pep Guardiola as global brand ambassador. Champion Eleven features the real leagues of FIFPro's 63 member countries, as well as the real images of the 60,000+ players it represents. Champion Eleven combines classic football team management with real-time PvP action in immersive 3D matches.

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In Champion Eleven, players can create their dream football club and run it however they want. As each player works to strengthen their team, real-time player-to-player competition and rivalries will build among players the world over, bringing players a real football experience right on their mobile devices. Players can make real-time adjustments based on their opponent's tactics or players, with each decision potentially affecting the final result of the match.

In 'Championship' mode, players are matched up with players around the globe for PVP gameplay, simulating a real tournament-style event. The champion will receive a hefty bonus, which can be used to purchase superstar players, strengthen their club facilities, or develop and improve the strength of players.

Champion Eleven's 'Ranking Match' mode offers a more intense and competitive gaming experience. Players can challenge teams ranked higher than them to advance through the table. But watch out! Fatigue, injury, and low morale can be an unwary manager’s downfall.

As a mobile football manager game, Champion Eleven presents all aspects of the club's operations comprehensively, allowing players to experience the fun of growing a club. The facilities of the club are roughly divided into five categories—stadium construction, resource acquisition, team revenue, training, and honour building—which can help managers to improve their team's strength and footballers’ attributes, allowing players to run their teams however they see fit.

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