IGDB Pocket iOS app is LIVE

IGDB.com (Internet Game Database) is pleased to announce that the iOS version of our main app: IGDB Pocket is now available to all iOS users! Get it from the app store: http://igdb.com/r/igdb-pocket-ios

It features some brand new cool features we’re excited to tell you about!
  • Take care of your backlog with default ‘Want to Play, Played, Playing’ lists.
  • Create custom list: You want to share with the world your niche love for scifi-roguelike-towerdefense-survival games? Well make a list and spread the love!
  • Brand new rating system: rate any game on any platform, review any games with a handy pros & cons feature!
  • Get notified on new releases: Notifications can easily be switched on or off in the settings. It will let you know right away when a new game is released.
  • Track games: find the games that everyone’s playing right now. It’s also a good way to discover a new gem or two!
  • Powered by the IGDB Database, currently boasting over 95,000+ games (and counting)!

The Android version of the App was successfully released less than year ago and all the above features will be coming to it in the next update. Stay tuned! Get it here: http://igdb.com/r/igdb-pocket
We’d like to thank all who participated in the Beta. We have a truly amazing community!

About IGDB.com:
IGDB.com is the fastest growing gaming database on the internet with the goal of gathering games, players, and the industry into one comprehensive ecosystem. Our motto is ‘No Games Left Behind!’

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