Heroes Evolved Celebrates 1-Year Anniversary

Heroes Evolved, the ever popular smash-hit multiplayer battle game for PC and mobile devices alike, is coming up on its 1st year anniversary. Starting this week, users will be able to participate in a wide range of events. These new activities grant players a variety of rewards, including free heroes to play as.

R2Games first published Heroes Evolved on PC in September 2016, following up with a mobile release on both iOS and Android just a short time later. The game has been downloaded over 12 million times, and has received 54 new playable heroes since its original launch. Numerous improvements and fresh features have been implemented since launch, and Heroes Evolved has even hosted e-sports grade tournaments with live casted matches and professional teams, complete with prize pools for winners.

These anniversary events will see players completing tasks in-game and on social media, and will reward players that haven’t logged in for a while if they rejoin the battlefield. Full details are available on the official Heroes Evolved Event Page.

You can Play Heroes Evolved for FREE on both iOS and Android
Facebook Community: https://www.facebook.com/HeroesEvolvedMobile/

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