Explore the New Valencia Region in Black Desert Online SEA

Pearl Abyss announced that Black Desert Online SEA is getting a new region expansion with the addition of Valencia Part 1. Valencia is a vast land filled with dangerous monsters, unpredictable weather and Adventurers must keep hydrated to prevent heat stroke while they trek through this new unexplored land. The region of Valencia is so large it will double the size of the map. Many new quests, mounts, armors, weapons, and accessories will become available with the addition of the region. The new weather effects will prove to be a challenge, so Adventurers should prepare thoroughly to not get caught in the middle of unexpected sandstorms. Navigating the vast desert area is tricky, especially as the minimap and auto-pathing are unavailable in this region. Crossing the desert is difficult, but many treasures and surprises lie under its immense surface. Who knows what kind of valuable treasures Adventurers might stumble upon? Exploring this dynamic new region will surely allow Adventurers to broaden their horizons.

This week’s update will also include the Imperial Crafting system, where Adventurers can earn silver by crafting items and delivering them through certain NPCs in the game. Engage in Imperial Cooking and Alchemy to become the Jack of all ‘Trades’! Furthermore, Adventurers can now purchase more houses and unlock new nodes as the maximum amount of contribution points has been increased to 350. For more information about the update and other ongoing events, check out the website.

Black Desert Online’s stunning graphics have many users curious about the system requirements. Pearl Abyss optimized it so the minimum required specifications can be suitable for a greater number of users in Southeast Asia. Check the system requirements for the game here. This optimization allows more users to enjoy Black Desert Online!

About Black Desert Online

Black Desert Online is an open world action MMORPG with cutting edge visuals and skill-based combat that redefines the way we see the genre. Black Desert Online has the most fully developed character customization system of any game that is currently on the market. This feature allows users to break out of the norm and make unique characters that truly represent each and every player. Its intuitive controls, beautifully designed world and extensive lore will excite both newcomers and veterans of MMO games and action RPGs in general. The game has been successfully launched in over 150 countries, is available in 12 languages and has over 8.5 million registered users. The mobile and console version are scheduled to launch globally in 2018.

For more information about Black Desert Online, go to https://www.sea.playblackdesert.com/

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