Final Fantasy Awakening available soon for Russian gamers

Great news for Final Fantasy fans everywhere: Square Enix's newest addition to the Final Fantasy canon, Final Fantasy: Awakening, will be coming to Russia this April! The 3D MMORPG card element mobile game launched in Australia, New Zealand, India, and the Philippines back in February, and since then has been showered with glowing reviews from both critics and players alike. In Final Fantasy: Awakening, players return to the land of Orience (originally from Final Fantasy Type-0) in an immersive and action-packed adventure with stunningly rendered graphics far beyond those of a standard mobile game.

Download Final Fantasy: Awakening now (currently available only in Australia, New Zealand, and Singapore):


Final Fantasy: Awakening offers a wide variety of uniquely multi-faceted gaming experiences. Players looking for an immersive life experience can wander the bustling Rubrum Fountain Square, where they can engage in social events like trading, daily tasks, and checking out the server leaderboards. Players can also meet up with a couple of familiar characters: Moogle and Chocobo, who offer info and help to players in need, as well as the fourteen main characters of Class Zero. Final Fantasy Type-0 fans can also visit the iconic spots in the main city: Rubrum Akademia, Magic Research Council, and Akademia Tranquil Garden.

Battle-hungry players can look forward to fighting their way through seven diverse dungeons: Daily Dungeon, Infinite Trial, World Boss, Hero Trial, Demon Crusade, Guild Dungeon, and Team Dungeon. Each dungeon has its own distinctive gameplay with different rewards at the end for successful players. Looking for a unique tower system? In Demon Crusade, every level of the tower has different objectives to accomplish. Players can collect stars throughout the entire quest, and exchange them later for high-level materials like mystery coupons, which can be used to claim ultimate Eidolons and the frost angel costume. Every three levels, players will be able to boost their stats by exchanging their collected stars for a powerful buff.

Looking for something a little more social? Team Dungeon is an addictive multi-player adventure, in which friends can work together to collect materials necessary for upgrading the Eidolons. Team Dungeon requires strategy, skill, and-above all-teamwork to achieve victory. Players will encounter classic Final Fantasy Type-0 monsters or Eidolons, and must meet specific conditions to pass each level and defeat the ultimate boss.

Download the game now, explore the magical city, and challenge the impossible dungeon!

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