DracNes game studio launches Word Travel

Games are meant to relax and develop the mind. This is the goal of the game, Word Travel by DracNes game studio.

About Word Travel

Word Travel is a game without end that comprises of adventure while discovering places around the world. There are lots to learn when playing World Travel. The game helps to find words, word search and connect letters to create new words.

You will get the opportunity to visit beautiful historical sites as you test your vocabulary with new word exercises. Go higher in rank, get vehicles, earn badges and be the best Word Traveler the world has ever seen!

“Hop into the cool airplane and start an adventurous journey around the globe filled with tons of word guessing challenges. The guess word puzzle that you’ll actually have fun playing! With time limits, leaderboards, exquisitely neat graphics and wildly enjoyable gameplay, you are sure to have a blast, while enhancing & testing your vocabulary.”

Features of Word Travel
  • Clean and creative design
  • Hundreds of Word Challenges
  • Different historical and fantasy worlds to be discovered
  • Cool badges and vehicles like the spaceship, hot air balloon, and a helicopter waiting to be earned
  • Solve more words and earn a higher rank
  • Easy to play
  • Speed, gameplay, graphics, and sound come together to provide a satisfying experience.

Download the game free on Apple Store and Google Play Store

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