Wild River enters mobile gaming market

EuroVideo’s gaming label has presented its line-up for the next three months: the adventure game FIRE, the kids’ game Knitterbande and the clicker game Ghost Tappers - more games in the works

EuroVideo Medien GmbH and its new gaming label Wild River have announced three new games for smartphones and tablets in one fell swoop. With FIRE, Knitterbande and Ghost Tappers, the company is publishing three great titles from three different genres, intending to reach a wide audience with its new video game branch as detailed in the business strategy revealed in January. All three games have been developed in Germany and are showcasing the quality and variety of German games.

“The mobile market is a cornerstone of our publishing strategy”, Marc Wardenga, Head of Games at Wild River, explains. “But of course we know that we’re not going to conquer the most fiercely competitive gaming market in the world overnight. We are deliberately launching with a diversified portfolio, both because it gives us the opportunity to learn a lot and because it allows us to show the level of quality people can expect from us.”

These upcoming releases are only the first step towards building a high-quality portfolio that will grow to half a dozen titles by the end of the year.

About the games:


FIRE is a humorous point-and-click adventure. As the lovably goofy Neanderthal Ungh, players explore the Stone Age and get up to all sorts of tomfoolery. Its developer Daedalic published this game back in 2015 and won a German Video Game Award in the category “Best Children’s Game”. With the help of Wild River, the title will now be re-released for Android and iOS.
Developer: Daedalic Entertainment
Genre: Adventure Game
Platform: iOS, Android
Business Model: Premium

Key Features:

No text or written dialogue
Straightforward and intuitive controls
Explore a playful, vividly animated Stone Age world
10 beautiful, hand-drawn locations
Atmospheric soundtrack by the composer of "The Night of the Rabbit"
Award-winning children’s game

Knitterbande is a digital pop-up book for small kids that allows them to interact with the pictures they see. Characters and objects in several panoramic scenes can be touched to play animations or cause of playful actions. Knitterbande is an entertainment product for children - it intentionally avoids educational approaches.
Developer: Independent Arts, Hamm
Genre: Children’s Game
Platform: iOS, Android
Business Model: Premium

Key Features:

Ages 3 and up
Simple and intuitive controls
Cheerful music
Jolly treasure hunt
Perfect introduction to touchscreen usage

Ghost Tappers

Ghost Tappers is an innovative strategy game based around hunting ghosts and clever clicker mechanics. The title has been around as a Facebook game for a few years, but will now be completely redesigned for mobile devices.
Developer: Morphicon, Munich
Platform: iOS, Android
Business Model: Free to play

Key Features:
Super approachable and intuitive
Surprisingly motivating
Fresh setting
Over 1,000 strange specters
Atmospheric soundtrack

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