Who let the cats out? The official release of THE CHRONICLES OF NYANYA

At last! After months of laughing and giggling on our own we can finally present you the funniest RPG of the year! The Chronicles of Nyanya will blow your mind with adult themes hidden behind bright cartoon graphics of... cute kitty cats, mostly.

On the technical side, The Chronicles of Nyanya is a retro-style RPG with pixel art graphics, turn-based battles, exciting story and 20 hours of gameplay. But that’s just the tip of the meowceberg! The game’s creators used this vehicle to deliver you tons of humor, delicious weirdness and in some moments – pure craziness.

The world of Nyanya is full of cute kitties, living pastries and nazi furniture enemies (really). It’s a peculiar world much more in the style of your favorite adult TV cartoon. The game’s protagonist, meowsassin Catair, isn’t exactly a happy optimist. You wouldn’t be either if you lost your whole family when you were a child and witnessed your neighbors being burnt alive during the massacre of your village.

As you progress through the game’s story, you can try to pull Catair away from the darkness... or not. There’s a friendship system running under the game’s hood. It changes the gameplay and the story according to the choices you’ve made on numerous occasions. You’ll have to play The Chronicles of Nyanya multiple times to discover every corner of the story.

Oh, the story! It’s huge! The Chronicles of Nyanya’s script is over 113 000 words long - that’s more than The Hobbit (95 000 words). Moreover, the dialogues and other texts are packed with comedy; full of hilarious meme jokes, ironic comments and fun pop culture references. The more movies and TV series you’ve watched, novels and comic books you’ve read, or games you’ve played – the more fun you’ll have!

The Chronicles of Nyanya is available from February 16th, 2018. You can buy it on Steam or Nuuvem. If you are in a charitable mood please find the game on Humble Store.

If you want to review the game, please apply for the key here: press@fatdoggames.com .

One-of-a-kind world: a mix of cute pixel art, adult themes and wonderful weirdness!
Huge, 20-hour story installed on a retro-style RPG chassis
First-rate humor: hilarious dialogues, memes, wordplay, pop culture references
Meaningful choices and a friendship system influencing gameplay and story

The Chronicles of Nyanya
What: Retro-style RPG full of cute cats and insane humor
Who: Hamstercube / published by Fat Dog Games
Where: PC (Steam, Nuuvem, Humble Store)
When: February 16th, 2018

Who let the cats out? The official release of THE CHRONICLES OF NYANYA Who let the cats out? The official release of THE CHRONICLES OF NYANYA Reviewed by Tech News 24h on Rating: 5