Final Fantasy Awakening Launches for iOS

Final Fantasy Awakening, the game produced based on the Final Fantasy Type-0 worldview, launched today for iOS. The game, which has been out for two weeks on Android, has already reached an incredible 137,000 downloads.

Final Fantasy: Awakening, which is officially authorized by SQUARE ENIX, has been produced with a lot of high-quality work of many talented Japanese voice actors. Final Fantasy: Awakening bases its story and gameplay on the world established in Final Fantasy Type-0, and features the previous game's 14 classic characters along with well-known story elements, including Eidolon, Moogle, Magitek Armor, and more.

Download Final Fantasy: Awakening (not available in all regions) for iOS here:
Final Fantasy Awakening iOS Download

The Android version can be downloaded here:
Final Fantasy Awakening Android Download

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