Zula Europe Content Update: Competitive Mode Has Arrived

Zula Europe has received the latest content update on live servers with the long awaited feature: competitive mode and ranked games

IDC/Games announced today that the long waited ranked games and competitive mode has arrived to live servers.

The competitive mode is already available also known as ranked games". Zula Europe, on top of being a casual game in some aspects and pro in others, is perfect to have fun in different game modes like CTF, Sabotage, Team Deathmatch, Vehicle Escort and many others modes with whom to have a good time but also has its competitive part that up to now was made up of several tournaments in its eSports side.

The Competitive Mode joins the Zula Europe world from the patch 1.17 with divisions by ELO, the infamous elohell and other things that make up the wonderful ecosystem of the competitive world of eSports and videogames.

Players have been waiting months for this mode in order to show off how easy they can carry their teams in a game with soloQ in ranked games and that is why we are looking forward to seeing who will reach the higher levels of mastery in the rankings.


Zula is designed to achieve the best competitive environment and with E-Sports in mind. In the origin country of the creators of Zula, Turkey, there are already many teams and players competing every day on the highest level and currently this shooter is amongst the most popular of the genre.

Players can already sign up for the game on http://en.idcgames.com/zula/ and enjoy it.

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