Zelda Master Sword Official Umbrella Revealed

Official gaming merchandise retailer, Merchoid has revealed the Legend of Zelda Song of Storms Umbrella. Officially licensed by Nintendo, the design is modeled after Link’s infamous Master Sword and transforms into an umbrella at the push of a button.

Merchoid’s community manager, Jessica Adams says “With the Zelda Song of Storms Umbrella you can do battle with the elements, transforming your sword into an umbrella at a push of a button. In Breath of the Wild, when scaling a mountain in search of a mystical shrine, you knew you were in trouble if dark clouds start rolling in during your ascent. Worry no more! ”

The umbrella is deployed simply by pressing the release button located near the top of the molded handle. The waterproof canopy features a repeating pattern of triforce emblems in pale blue with alternate darker blue panels with a single larger crest.Upon closing the umbrella there is a tie tag to secure the canopy in place.

The umbrella also features a printed nylon scabbard (based on the Master Sword scabbard) to transport the umbrella in an adjustable, shoulder mounted sling. This allows the option to wear the umbrella on the shoulder or across the back in true Master Sword style. The umbrella measures 91cm in length and 104cm in diameter

Jessica adds “It’s the perfect accessory in case you forget the Sun Song. Now nothing Mother nature can throw at you will stop you on your quest!”

The umbrella is available to preorder now from Merchoid for $34.99.

Key features:.
  • Unique Legend of Zelda Master Sword Umbrella
  • Includes umbrella carry cover based on Master Sword scabbard
  • Available to preorder from Merchoid.com now for $34.99
  • Link to the the umbrella is here: https://www.merchoid.com/product/zelda-song-of-storms-umbrella/
  • Officially licensed by Nintendo
  • Releases August 2018

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