Ukuza Partners with David Stanley, Brings Skelattack Development In-House

Development on David Stanley’s 2D action platformer, Skelattack, continues at a fever pitch after its featured appearance at PAX South last weekend. The title was met with an overwhelmingly positive response from both attendees and fellow developers, and Skelattack’s booth was occupied by fans new and old for the expo’s entire three-day run. Due to this amazing outpouring of support, Ukuza, the game’s publisher, has decided to join forces directly with Mr. Stanley on development of the title.

As part of their agreement with developers, Ukuza positions itself as a fundamental extension of a developer’s team. They perform quality assurance and playtesting, provide creative input including story and setting suggestions, and provide invaluable resources for marketing management and business development. With years of shared experience in this realm between them, Ukuza and David Stanley felt extremely confident in advancing their partnership by bringing development of Skelattack in-house.

Shane DeLumeau, CEO: “Over the past seven months, the Ukuza team has worked closely with Dave to help craft the creative direction of the game, mold the story, and drive innovation in gameplay mechanics. We've formed an amazing partnership which has helped elevate Skelattack. We are extremely happy to have Dave join the Ukuza team as a partner.”

Doug Borghese, Director of Social Marketing and Brand Communications: “We wanted to make sure David had precisely the support he needed in the development of Skelattack from the beginning. We've decided to take that mission a step further by adding our development experience to the title. We will now operate in direct partnership with David by developing the game in-house. This is essentially how we’ve operated since David signed with us, but we’ve decided to make it official to ensure all avenues of success open themselves for the launch of Skelattack. Not to mention we just love working with the guy.”

David Stanley, Developer, Studio Technical Director for Ukuza: “I feel fantastic about the opportunity. Ukuza have proven themselves to be a true asset, and I feel very secure continuing to develop Skelattack and future games with them.”

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