Record over $3B AR/VR investment in 2017

AR/VR investment records were broken last year as startups raised over $3 billion across 28 AR/VR categories (over $1.5 billion in Q4 2017). Perhaps the most surprising thing was the bellwether of big AR/VR rounds, Magic Leap, becoming slightly less mythical by finally revealing its product and taking less than a fifth of all the money raised in 2017. Who knew that could happen?

AR/VR advisor Digi-Capital’s new Augmented/Virtual Reality Report and Deals Database Q1 2018 showed that investment was lumpy, with huge spikes in the second and fourth quarters (historical investment ranges have been lower). Fundraising across the year was also dominated by a few large deals in specific investment categories.

You can find a full release and graphics showing which AR/VR leaders raised the money, how much they took across 28 AR/VR categories, which VCs are investing in each category, and how they're thinking about the AR/VR investment market for this year at You could extract from that, quoting Tim Merel, Managing Director of AR/VR advisor Digi-Capital.

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