Plox Neon Now Available for PlayStation 4

Indie developer Desert Owl Games releases the arcade puzzle game, Plox Neon, on PlayStation 4.

The action-packed Xionx inspired puzzle game, Plox Neon, releases today for the PlayStation 4. Plox Neon’s classic arcade inspired visuals and electronic music track turns this mentally challenging game into an entrancing experience.

In Plox Neon players must use their wits to find the best way to clear areas of the map and trap monsters to earn points. The challenge is learning the characteristics of each monster and how they interact within the map to exploit their weakness while minimizing the risk of being attacked. New levels are unlocked by reaching the clearing goal for each preceding level, and players can set their own high score for each level.

  • 60 Challenging Puzzle Levels
  • 8 Monsters, each requiring their own strategy to overcome
  • 6 Electronic Audio Tracks
  • Stars and High Score system to challenge yourself
  • Colorful mix of organic and retro arcade visuals

Plox Neon Available For:

PlayStation Store
PC & Mac on Steam
Google Play Store
Apple App Store

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