Mobile Game Rules of Survivals is Coming to PC

Rules of Survival, a battle royale mobile game developed by NetEase, has immediately gone viral in the domestic market and soon reached a global audience.

Gained both reputation and popularity worldwide, Rules of Survival has accrued 100 million downloads, ranking top in both App Store and Google Play Store of 50 countries. The PC Open-beta arrives at this point of time in response to its gamers’ enthusiastic calls.

One of the biggest improvement of the PC version is the game’s performance. The development team has been preoccupied with delivering the best gameplay experience to PC-users. With improved operation, Rules of Survivalcan run fast and smooth on both desktop and laptops.

The new Open-beta sees more refined visual effects and action sequences with detailed movements, tailored to provide more adrenaline-pumping excitement for PC-users. With high graphic resolution and sound quality on the PC-platforms, every terrain is drawn out and every movement is captured in all of its intricate details.

There is also more variety in the selection of firearms and accessories, providing a plethora of options for players to build up a kit of weapons and armours that are often the only things standing between life and death. The modelling of the equipment is optimised and elaborately crafted so as to perfect every piece of the world in Rules of Survival.

In addition, Rules of Survival allows its players to team up on a world-class arena. Players can choose to be paired up with friends or random teammates in a group of two or a squad of four, which opens possibilities of incorporating more strategies into the gameplay. Together, the team races against other competitors in fighting for the ultimate victory.

With close combat and strategic warfare brought from your mobile to your PC, join millions of players from around the world in the fight for survival.

The PC Open-beta has officially released on Jan. 25th. Download the PC version from the official website:

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