Game Dev Tycoon is coming to Android on January 31st

After a great reception for its iOS release last November 28th, Greenheart Games are delighted to announce that Game Dev Tycoon is also coming to Android devices this January 31st.

Praised for its replayability and faithful-but-improved-on recipe, Game Dev Tycoon on mobile (developed in partnership with Rarebyte) introduces a UI overhaul, a challenging pirate mode inspired by Greenheart Games’ piracy experiment and a content update (which is also on its way to Steam soon.)

“It’s the perfect sort of game for mobile devices and there’s so much to do here in terms of developing personnel, researching items, and making games that there’s loads of replayability for quite a long time.” - Toucharcade ?????

Game Dev Tycoon lets you build your game studio from a one-person team in the 80s to a major studio in the present day. Relive the early days of game development, build a world-class team, design best-selling games, research new technologies and make your mark on the games industry.




  • Start a game studio on your own in the 80s, and grow it into a world industry leader
  • Create your own games, mixing-and-matching genres, topics and platforms
  • Hire, manage and promote your development team (but beware of crunch!)
  • Open your own R&D lab and become an industry leader
  • Try out a new challenge with the “Pirate Mode”: will you use DRM to keep afloat, at the risk of angering players?

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