Death Coming Receives Nomination in 2018 SXSW Gamer’s Voice Awards

South by Southwest, the annual expo conglomerate that celebrates various forms of media, has nominated Death Coming for the Gamer's Voice Awards. The nomination list was officially announced yesterday, where the strategic puzzle game was included alongside titles such as West of Loathing, Darkwood, and A Case of Distrust.

Nominated in the Video Game category for a gamer's voice award, Death Coming is one of fourteen titles that was chosen to showcase the quality of indie games developed with limited resources. The winner will be announced at SXSW Gaming on March 17. Previous winners of the award include SUPERHOT, Owlboy, and Gang Beasts.

Death Coming has players play as the apprentice to the Grim Reaper to collect souls. This can only be done by causing Final Destination-esque accidents in the world thanks to objects in a level such as malfunctioning stoplights and unstable bridges. With this novel premise, Death Coming touts opens levels, detailed pixel art, and a naughty sense of humor.

The pixel puzzler was originally released on Steam to commercial and critical success on November 6, 2017. With two nominations from indiePlay2017, over 100,000 copies sold, and a "Very Positive" rating on Steam thanks to over 1,000 user reviews, Death Coming is a delightfully morbid experience for anyone who loves a good puzzle game.

Death Coming is available to purchase on Steam for $6.99.

Awards and Nominations

  • IPA Champion: Global Mobile Game Confederation
  • Excellence in Innovation: China Game TGA 2017
  • Best PC Game: GAD 2017
  • Excellence in Game Design Nomination: indiePlay2017
  • Excellence in Innovation Nomination: indiePlay2017


  • Pixel Art Style
  • Non-linear puzzle progression
  • Environmental manipulation
  • Morbid black comedy
  • Reactive AI
  • Creative kills
  • Play as a reaper and find out why you became an agent of death

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