Tree of Life holds Winter Festival 2017

With the latest update of ‘Tree of Life’, the Winter Festival 2017 begins on the 1st of December. The patch introduces new event items and features such as Winter Tree skins, new exclusive mounts, and Christmas decorations!

During the festival event, you can celebrate this special occasion by collecting Christmas items and decorating your characters and towns.

The update also brings a number of changes to improve your gaming experience! Chat now has an Integrated Google translate to help players communicate with each other. The feature is still in beta, but it'll be worth trying to mingle with players from all over the world. Tis' the season!

Tree of Life is a sandbox MMORPG Survival game on Steam. Begin your journey in an open and beautiful world. Build your town wherever you please and explore massive and mysterious lands. Nothing is impossible here: Be a legendary warrior and 5-star chef at the same time!

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