Ragtag Adventurers Game from Prime Time

Ragtag Adventurers is a shared-screen boss-rush action game releasing on Steam is just a few days pending approval. It follows the quest of four wannabe heroes trying to prove their mettle and fight their way to all the fame (and riches) they can, but to get to the top they have to start at the very bottom.

It's the first ever game by a Bosnian development team to be released on Steam and features a unique blend of challenging boss fights and class-based gameplay. Players will face off against powerful creatures that will put their skills to test both in singleplayer and multiplayer.

The game allows players to player in solo mode where they can switch between all available hero classes on the fly, as well as a team mode where they can play with up three friends in shared screen multiplayer, with AI bots taking over the remaining heroes.

Within the first version of the game players will find:

  • Four challenging boss fights to conquer
  • A cast of four unique characters all featuring a unique play style
  • Ability to play alone or with friends in shared screen multiplayer

Web: www.ragtagadventurers.com

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