Light A Way: The light shines on

Appxplore's latest fairytale-inspired incremental RPG, Light a Way has recently hit over 300k preregistrations!

Created by the developers of Crab War, Light a Way fuses strategic depth with an inspiring storyline: as a little girl in a land invaded by shadow creatures, you must defy the encroaching darkness and restore light to the world through courage, hope and love.

While the rest of the world awaits their moment to restore light into the world, a few countries have had the opportunity to unleash the powers of the guardian of light ahead of time. Early access to the Google Play verison was made available to nine countries - Australia, New Zealand, Malaysia, Singapore, Canada, United Kingdoms, Philippines, Netherlands and Poland.

The announcement comes with a new Preregistration goal of 500k which will see the developers unlocking a new home for the Guardian where she can change her look and pets! Pre-register today and join other Guardians as they prepare for the ultimate war of light dispelling the darkness!

Watch the Light a Way trailer here:

Try out the Light a Way Early Access on Google Play, or pre-register to get it immediately upon launch:

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