Hero Highlight shows Duke Nukem in Wild Buster: Heroes of Titan

Insel Games reveals another glimpse at its upcoming heroes with the release of this week’s Hero Highlight video featuring Duke Nukem. The videogame legend will be included in the Deluxe and Ultimate Editions of Wild Buster: Heroes of Titan. In more good news Players that preordered the game or have a beta key will get a one day head-start to access the servers on December 13. In addition, Insel Games is hosting a creative competition on Grandyo.

Insel Games has been regularly posting a variety of Hero Highlight videos on their Youtube Channel and Facebook page to give those that missed out on the beta weekends a chance to see Wild Buster's heroes in action. The videos demonstrate the varied line-up that Wild Buster: Heroes of Titan has to offer, including not only a dual-wielding Serious Sam, but also the unstoppable Judgement Shooter, a skilled sniper that uses her special abilities to ensnare her targets, send her canine companion to attack in advance, and shoot from a safe distance. Meanwhile, the fiery Flamewaver turns up the heat and with Iron Wall operatives, players control a crafty tank to block enemies from approaching the more fragile but no less skillful ranged heroes.

Wild Buster will launch into Steam Early Access on December 14. As a final test and thank you from the developers, Players that have backed the game on Indiegogo or pre-ordered from the Humble or Insel Games stores will be able to start playing on December 13. Players who got their beta keys from giveaways will also be given a head-start of twenty-four hours before being revoked on launch-day.

Insel Games will be hosting a creative competition on Grandyo, offering prizes ranging from game editions to the inclusion of winners’ artwork or names in-game. Artists are welcome to create their very own 2D homages to Wild Buster’s heroes in any form, whether that be illustrations or photos of their epic cosplay efforts. The competition runs until December 27th, and the winners will be determined by community votes.

Wild Buster: Heroes of Titan will be available on Steam via Early Access on December 14 2017. Players can still purchase special packages with rewards ranging from t-shirts to the chance to name bosses and “meet & greets” with the development team via Indiegogo campaign.




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