Sniper Rust VR Demo Now Available on Steam, Oculus Store

Functioning as an elite marksman employed by a covert Agency, players are called to embark on a first-person campaign against an armed militia uprising across international borders.

The complete, 18-level Sniper Rust VR adventure features –

• An Immersive Virtual Reality Experience, with up to four uniquely designed, photorealistic environments to explore.

• Realistic Weaponry. Each mission begins with one of four real-world guns, locked and loaded with special features.

• Adaptive Enemy AI. Diverse enemy classes, well-concealed snipers, air/group assaults and traps behind enemy lines make every level a challenge.

• An Easy Learning Curve. A Sniper Training Area keeps Sniper Rust VR fun to play, minus the nausea and dizziness associated with VR games.

• An Action-packed Soundtrack of intense orchestral sounds for thrilling, edge-of-your-seat action sequences.

Sniper Rust VR is due for an 27th December 2017 release compatible with the Oculus Rift virtual reality system. Serving to gather user feedback as finishing touches to the full game are implemented, the demo meanwhile includes a singular game-play level with the rest of its features unlocked.

‘Zatun began work on Sniper Rust VR in the month of January this year when we first got out hands on the Oculus device.’ states CEO Abhinav Chokhavatia.

‘We were already working on a mobile version of Sniper Rust at the time. With no sharpshooting VR games available and Oculus tech. being relatively new, we believed creating a virtual reality version would be a good idea.’

Also in active development, the mobile version of Sniper Rust will differ largely from its VR counterpart in terms of offered level design, game-play modes, enemy AI and player arsenal. An official announcement of its upcoming release is due soon.

Sniper Rust VR Demo Now Available on Steam, Oculus Store Sniper Rust VR Demo Now Available on Steam, Oculus Store Reviewed by Tech News 24h on Rating: 5