Retro Rewind - new videogame magazine in Finland

Retro Rewind is a new retrogaming magazine from industry veterans Jukka O. Kauppinen, Mikko Heinonen and Manu Pärssinen, who have also been involved with some of Finland’s most popular gaming websites (, eDome/Dome) and magazines (Skrolli, Mikrobitti, Pelaaja, Pelit, MikroBitti etc.). All of us were also involved in the building and crowdfunding of the Finnish Museum of Games which opened in Tampere in early 2017.

There is currently no magazine like this on the Finnish market, which means that Retro Rewind has a chance to attract a very good share of the potential customer base. Interest in vintage gaming and related hardware is growing rapidly, and we have already gathered some 400 subscribers through our crowdfunding campaign. We also aim to sell individual issues through newsagents in order to reach an even larger audience. Depending on the success of our campaign, we will print between 2 and 4 issues next year.

Our crowdfunding campaign will run until 10 December. During this time, we are offering special introductory pricing for advertisers.

The magazine:

Crowdfunding campaign:

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