Ninja Scroller: The Awakening for iOS and Android

Independent mobile games developer and publisher Eageron announces the release of their highly anticipated mobile game: Ninja Scroller – The Awakening.

Ninja Scroller – The Awakening is a fierce Shinobi 2D Side-Scroller, which takes the player back to feudal Japan, guaranteeing smoothly flowing Ninja fighting action. The aesthetic pixel design drives nostalgia, as it is highly inspired by classic retro Ninja titles.

You are contracted by the Tokugawa Shogunate Government to fight the last sprawling armies of the House of Toyotomi. Swiflty rush through 40 intense missions. Satisfy your greed for gold by completing fierce quests and compete with other Shinobis in the endless mode for the highest score.

  • 3 Games Modes: Missions, Quests and Endless
  • 40 Intense Missions: Scrolls, Riceballs and Enemies
  • 3 Types of Secret Quests: Spionage, Supply and Ambush
  • Several beautiful pixel environments with different objects: Bamboo, Toriijs and Trees
  • Several fierce traps: bamboo traps, fire, granates and rockfalls
  • Several Power Ups and long range weapons
The game was launched today on iOS and Android.




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